Midwifery care is about empowering women through education and support in informed choice. Visits are an hour long to provide time to get to know one another and offer education as well as time for questions and concerns you may be having. 

– Stephanie Kentner

Prenatal Care

Your prenatal care plan follows the same schedule you would find at most maternity care facilities. 

~From approximately 8-12 weeks until 28 weeks gestation visits are every four weeks. 

~From 28-36 weeks gestation visits are every two weeks.

~From 36 weeks till birth visits are weekly. 

Visits can be adjusted as needed for your care. 

A routine visit includes: Time for questions, education topics for each visit, blood pressure check, lab work if needed, abdominal palpation & measurement, and listening to your baby. Each visit is tailored to meet your individual needs.

Labor & Birth

During labor & birth, phone support is offered until you feel ready for me to come to your home. Once I arrive at your home I will be by your side until the birth and after the birth until you and baby are stable and settled (typically 3-4 hours). 

You are encouraged to eat and drink as needed.   You are encouraged to listen to your body and move freely.

You are encouraged to have the support people of your choosing with you. 

I will be assisted by a second midwife that you will meet beforehand if possible.  

 After the baby arrives vitals are monitored, newborn care and any other necessary care will be performed, monitoring of you and baby will continue for a few hours. Feeding your newborn and bonding is supported.  If you desire, you will enjoy a healing  Herbal Bath with your baby followed by a newborn exam.  Before we leave the birthing space is cleaned and tidied up.

Water birth is a great option for many families and supplies for a water birth are available.

Postpartum Care

Postpartum care: I will see you and your newborn on day 2 and again at 2 weeks & 6-8 weeks.  I will be available as needed during this time.  I will monitor your baby’s growth as well as offer assistance  with breastfeeding and answer any normal newborn questions you may have.  I will also monitor your healing and overall well-being.